Hello Patriot.

We are very interested in your total satisfaction, and we think you will love our T-Shirts. We know that "bad things happen" (like the election of Joe Biden) and we will do our best to make our customers happy. Unfortunately, most of our T-Shirt sales are final except in rare cases. (Here is the "why")

The best way to describe our site is an arthouse for graphic T-Shirts that are Made-To-Order and dropshipped to your shipping address. We create the artwork through our amazing Graphic Design guy and submit it to our contracted printer and list it on our site and after your order, they send a completed shirt to your shipping address. We don't keep inventory here at 74Mill to exchange a shirt for you. Therefore, for the most part,  our sales are FINAL. The only exception to this is that which our printer allows. This does not include sizing and color or if you decide you just don't like the way the shirt goes with your jeans.

This is our printer's policy...


Damaged Items or Poor-Quality Printing

Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes, but thankfully not very often. For the fastest resolution, please send us a photograph showing the poor-quality print or the damaged area of the item.


We will replace defective garments, defective printing, the wrong garment, or the wrong print, simply by receiving a photograph showing the problem with the shirt. It is very rare that we actually ask a garment to be sent back to us.



Because 74Mill is the middle-man in the process, their return policy is directed to us first. So we need to be in contact with you, learn if the problem falls within their parameters for returns,  and receive the photograph they request and send it to them for their review. We will be in contact with you through the process to see if you will need to package up the shirt and the address you might need to send it to. We do not pay for shipping costs on returned items to our printer.

If our printer agrees that your reason for a return is warranted and they return  your money we will return that money plus our cost to a full refund.

So let's break it down a little easier...

• You ordered a "Biden Is A Liar" shirt but you received the print of a cat in flowers on a halter top. Okay, that is pretty bad.

•You take a deep breath and contact us at [email protected]

•You have read our return policy and realize that our sales are pretty much final except for situations that are crazy like this.

•You have read that we are the middle man and need to leave the decision of returns up to our printer, but you still need to send us a picture so that we can get that decision from the printer.

•Once we learn of the printer's decision on high, we will pass it on to you.

•If the printer decides to return your money we will refund your money to you.

•Is this crazy complicated? Yes. That is why we basically say "All sales are FINAL"

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